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The Beach Buzz for November 9th - November 14th

A Moment of Honor

As Fall approaches its final days, there's no better way to celebrate the season than by taking your kids to a special event. One of the last opportunities to revel in the autumn splendor with your little ones can be found at Fifer Orchards. Explore the link here to discover their seasonal festivities that provide a fantastic way to bond with your family. It's a wonderful chance to create cherished memories during this vibrant and meaningful time of the year. Additionally, on Veterans Day, we recommend taking a moment to honor our brave veterans and their service, perhaps by attending local parades or visiting memorials to pay your respects as a family.

Be sure to check out all the local family events we have listed below at the Delaware Beaches as you kick off you final Fall weekends and honor our past and present veterans this weekend.

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