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The Beach Buzz for August 10th - August 16th

“Why Knot?”

Ahoy, ship enthusiasts and adventure seekers! This week, our local beaches have something special in store, especially for those who share a love for ships and the mysteries they hold.

Set sail on a learning journey with the Overfalls Family Program at The Lightship Overfalls this Wednesday. My family and I spent a fascinating day there last year, learning how to tie ship knots and exploring maritime traditions. It's not just about ships; it's about connecting with history, skills, and having a hands-on experience that's enjoyable for all ages.

The ship theme doesn’t end there: join Lewes’s History Society at the Introduction to Lewes: A Maritime Destination event to teach your children all about Lewes’s maritime activity and how it all began. This is a great event to learn more about the history of the area that you can share with others!

And what's a maritime celebration without some music? The Rehoboth Beach Beachstand Summer Concert Series on Friday is like a melodic sea breeze. So, grab your captain's hat and bring your family! This week, the local events are all about embracing the nautical spirit, exploring, and making memories that last a lifetime. See you on deck!

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