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Meet the Team

We are a family team. Started in 2008, Patrick and Jennifer set out to find the best events for families in the Brandywine Valley and realised there wasn't a place with all the event. Since then, the Brandywine Buzz has grown and now their children have joined the effort to continue providing a hub for great events!

Patrick Callahan

The Business Genius / The Dad

Operations at the Brandywine Buzz would not run without Patrick. As a successful businessman on the side, Patrick has applied his wealth of knowledge to help the Brandywine Buzz be the best that it can be!

Jennifer Callahan

The Relationship Genius / The Mom

Discovering the best event for you and your family in the Brandywine region would not be possible without Jennifer. As a mother herself, she knows what activities will keep smiles on you and your children's faces.


Maddie Callahan

The Social Media Genius / The Daughter

We've all found ourselves in a debate over which social media platform is the best. Whether you prefer Facebook over Instagram, or visa-versa, Maddie's got you covered! Follow our socials to get access to Buzz content courtesy of Maddie!

Connor Callahan

The Tech Genius / The Son

Tech is a part of everyday life now, you wouldn't be reading this without it! Connor maintains the tech initiatives at the Brandywine Buzz to make sure we keep up-to-date with modern innovations.


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